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ProCon IoT System

ProCon IoT is an App based System installed on Smart Phone / Tablet to capture the Production Data.

  • ProCon IoT ProCon IoT System can be Implemented for Cutting, Sewing, Checking, Washing, Finishing and Packing.
  • A Smart phone / tablet with the App is installed on every workstation in the production line.
  • All devices in the line will access and update the database through Wi-Fi network.
  • The database can reside on your own Intranet / Internet server.

Identification Technologies Supported

  • BarCode ( Linear / 2D) - (BarCode Scanner / Camera)
  • i-Tag (Contact) - (i-Tag Reader)
  • i-Tag (RFID) - Low Frequency - (RF Id Reader - 125 Khz)
  • i-Tag (RFID) - High Frequency - (RF Id Reader - 13.56 Mhz)
  • i-Tag (RFID) - Washable Laundry Tag - (RF Id Reader - 13.56 Mhz)
  • i-Tag (RFID) - Ultra High Frequency - (RF Id Reader - 860 - 960 Mhz)
  • Input through Keypad - (Device KeyPad)

ProCon IoT App Types

  • Sewing - For Sewing and other manual operations
  • Checking - For Loading / InLine / EndLine / AQL / Finishing Operations Smart Phone / Tab can be made to work for sewing or checking by loading the respective App Type


  • All features and validations of earlier version of ProCon has been implemented in this System
  • Operator can view the training videos of the operations.
  • Operator can apply for leave.
  • Operator can view the Tech-Pack / Measurement Chart of the Styles.
  • Operator can view their messages in the Inbox sent by the supervisors
  • Operaor’s Hourly Production with graph can be seen.
  • Information / Reports / Graph shown can be customised according to the requirements.