Real Time Production / Process Monitoring Software for Garment / Apparel Manufacturers
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ProCon Pre-requisites
Garment Manufacturing Process Overview
ProCon System Flow Diagram
ProCon KeyBenefits

Software for ProCon

• Data Acquisition Software

This software is installed on the Controller PC, which captures and validates real time data (punch) from all the reader units and stores it in a database server.

• Production Management System (PMS) Application Software

PMS is full-featured Application Software. PMS has the following modules:

• Masters
• Transactions
• Reports


• Buyer Master Details of buyers.
• Destination Details of destination.
• Reader Unit List of Reader Units installed in the factory.
• Tag List of pre-coded Tag details used in the factory.
• Employee Details of employees with their respective Codes and Tag Ids.
• Production line Details of production lines in the factory.
• Operations List of operations that are used.

• Group

Details of groups that are used to define set of operations.

• Style

Details of style viz. style code, colors, sizes, order quantity, destination ex-factory dates.

• Item

Details of fabrics used for styles.

• Size

Details of sizes used in styles.

• Color

Details of colors used in styles.

• Sequence / WIP settings

Defining and setting the sequence of the operations for a style and groups.

• Resource assignments

Assigning and mapping of available resources (man and machine) to the operations defined for a style.

• Category

Details of Employee types (eg.Sewing/Maintenance).

• Machines

Details of Machines.

• Shift

Details of Shift & Timings.

• DownTime

Details of various downtime reasons.
• Possible resource assignments are :
1 Operation 1 machine
1 Operation N machines
N Operations 1 machines
N Operations M machines


• Order details Detail of orders for styles with color size breakup and cut quantities is entered.
• Fabric requirements Details of fabrics required, consumption and cut quantity is entered.
• Lay Register Details of lay for a cut is entered.
• Cutting details Details of cutting is entered
• Sorting details Details of sorting is entered
• Bundling details Based on the cut details, bundles are generated with the respective ply nos. and bundle pcs.
• Bundle-to-Tag Mapping Based on the bundle size given, bundles are generated with unique bundle number for every bundle. Tag Ids are mapped and assigned to the generated bundles. Then Tag Ids are physically tied to the bundles and sent for sewing.



• Production report

Operation wise,Operator wise Session wise,Line wise

• Performance/Efficiency Report

Operation wise,Operator wise Session wise,Line wise

• Work-in-progress

Operation wise,Group wise

• Production comparison

Operation wise,Operator wise Session wise,Line wise

• Production forecast report

Style wise / Line wise

• Down time report

Line wise

• Variance report (target vs. actuals)

Operation wise,Operator wise Session wise,Line wise,Style wise

• Quality check report

Operation wise,Operator wise Session wise,Bundle wise

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