Real Time Production / Process Monitoring System for Garment / Apparel Manufacturers
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      A Real-time system is a technology tool, which gathers and distributes information to everyone in the factory as events are happening. Real-time System is well proven technology to achieve realistic production goals, at reduced cost and increased profit and meets customer needs at on-time delivery.

Need for RealTime System

The real time production monitoring system in manufacturing industries enables users to continually monitor production process and collect real time information with regard to reliability,accesibility and maintainability of the equipement.Information must be collected and disseminated quickly and accurately in order to meet the production goals.

• Today's manufacturers must do more with less.
• Improve quality throughput and reduced overheads .
• Proactively detect and react to the problems before they escalate.
• Analyse and rank problems the best direct corrective efforts.
• Learn from the process and use this knowledge and improve and refine.

Production monitoring system provides centralized production monitoring and counting for use with any industrial or mass production environment.

The key objective of a real-time system would be its ability to collect production information on real time basis which would enabable the production management team to respond in a timely manner to solve any production related issues that may arise.

Crystal ProCon RealTime Production Monitoring System is a revolutionary technology desined to provide real time information to production management team to effectively manage the complex requirements of apparel manufacturing processes.

Crystal ProCon Real Time System can be termed as

• Online Production Monitoring System

• Process Control System

• Work In Progress Tracking System

Benefits of Installing Real Time System

      The benefits of installing effective and efficient real time system is seen at following levels due to immediate on screen access to all informations.

     Quality Control
     Customer Care


      • Ensures production goals to be established and monitored continually.
      • Increases production at controlled production costs at all levels of work force.
      • Provides production scheduling against completion dates, decides priorities.
      • Enables continuous and improved line balancing


      • Incorporates automatic tracking of all work-in-process.
      • Provides work study database.
      • Work in progress stock control through complete transaction audit trial and reduced work in
        progress stock levels.
      • On screen status of work in progress.
      • Creates awareness when work is not flowing, as it must sustain the required production.


      • Gives supervisory tool, which enables movement of people from one job to another when
        operators are absent or unable to meet production requirements.
      • Supervisors are being advised of bottlenecks, summary throughput, work-in-progress, stock
         information and given work-around solutions as problems occur.


      • Shows operator how to earn more money by eliminating wasted time to produce few more units
        each hour,hence increases productive hours.
      • Guides the operator to maintain a consistent pace throughout the day
      • Better implementation of work morale among the employees.
      • Informs operator of their performance to date, accurate predicted pay, etc., on and up to the
        second basis.
      • Accurate attendance of operators.

Quality Control

      • Makes each operator accountable for the units produced.
      • Provides management the tools to measure and track quality problems by source and hence are
        isolated as soon as they are identified.
      • Everyone is empowered to recognize and solve problems as and when they occur.


      • All informations are presented to management and supervisors by on screen enquiries, reports
        and graphs.
      • Reduces clerical errors and paperwork.
      • Reduces overhead cost by reducing administrative overhead.
      • Reduced stock take costs, as accurate work in progress reduces the need for stock taking.
      • Accurate cost calculations of the finished products and the related jobs.
      • Management of orders and the combinations of the order incurred with reference to the
        work-in-progress helps in analyzing the market trends.
      • Ever-ready state of the factory feasible for the site visits of the clients and prospective investors at
        any time enhances the market value of the factory.
      • Increased order booking.

Customer Care

      • Supports to become more reliable and trusted supplier, to meet the needs of customers.
      • Enhances accurate delivery of orders to customers.
      • Improved customer relations with accurate information on hand whenever needed.
      • Better customer services resulting from all workstations.

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