Real Time Production / Process Monitoring System for Garment / Apparel Manufacturers
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About ProCon

      Crystal’s ProCon 1.0 is a revolutionary technology for achieving real time goals in the Garment and Apparel manufacturing Process. ProCon is a digital assistant in the quest for maximizing enterprise productivity.

      Global market and technology are forcing tremendous changes in the Textile and Apparel industries. ProCon system is focused on the issues, complexities and opportunities for Apparel and Textile companies and their suppliers. ProCon system is fully interactive and integrates with the complete range of distribution, material and capacity planning, manufacturing and financial systems which makes it the most comprehensive Apparel ERP solution.

     The key objective of ProCon system is to collect production information on a real time basis to enable the production management team to respond instantaneously and to solve any problems that may arise within the line. ProCon system operates without requiring any changes or placing unreasonable demands on the way your business operates. ProCon system yields returns with cost savings to pay for your system, right from the first day it is installed. ProCon system has the capability of making almost every apparel manufacturer more competitive and better supplier.


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