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ProCon Pre-requisites
Garment Manufacturing Process Overview
ProCon System Flow Diagram
ProCon KeyBenefits

Key benefits of ProCon

ProCon System provides efficient and effective real time information for the performance of the company to implement business strategy successfully.

• Instant Reports at all levels.

ProCon system reveals real time information and reports at all levels.

• On-Line Production Status

ProCon system provides on screen access to production order and their progress, to eye production status.

• Improvements in effective and efficient usage of man & machine.

• Efficient Line Balancing

ProCon system furnishes accurate information of line balancing
• Details of employees present and absent on the day
• Information on current production in progress against target set.
• Status of work-in-progress with reference to operational level currently andin-relation to achieving
   target in fixed time.
• Line balancing in workflow

• Reduction of Work In Progress Time

ProCon system makes production tracking more transparent and this removes the need for checking the work-in-progress every two hours.Workforce analysis on who is working under each section of workflow and the cost of their performance against the project can be monitored whenever needed.

• Reduction in Downtime

ProCon system reduces unproductive downtime by 20% by providing downtime reports which will enable management to initiate corrective action.

• Improved In-Line Quality Control

• Eliminating the need for Supervisory Checks

• Accurate time keeping

ProCon system ensures that the operators check-in directly in time at their workstation. This ensures considerable reduction in queuing time per operator.

• Accurate Payment to Operators

ProCon system prevents unnecessary waste of labor time in maintaining their own records and resolves disputes among operators in calculating the cost of the work done by each employee. The operators are paid only for perfectly completed work and appropriate reductions are applied for faulty pieces before payment. ProCon system eliminates holding back of work tickets and paying twice for the same work. Errors in payroll claims are also reduced to great extent. ProCon system calculates the gross payroll faster than the traditional book keeping system.

• Reduction in Overtime Working with maximum utilization of HR

Absence of key workers adds on to the overhead charges and affects the productivity. ProCon system highlights the problem immediately and eliminates unnecessary overtime. An efficiently implemented real time system would reduce the overtime expenses by 50%. Future production planning is made easier.

• Reduced Administration Costs

ProCon system reduces paperwork and clerical errors.

• Accurate MIS Reports

• ROI In Less than 2 Years

By installing ProCon system, you will reap return of investment within two years. You can also benefit from the ProCon hardware depreciation over a period of time.

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