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Hardware components of ProCon

  • Reader Unit   • QC Unit   • iButton Tags   • Networking   • DonwTime Display Board

Reader Unit

Reader Unit Fixed to every sewing machine in line and networked with CAT5 cable & connected to Data Capturing PC, receives the punches from all the tag readers at all stages of operations and updates the production information in real time. The reader displays the Operator’s name, Target, Actual production, Efficiency, Idle Time and Excess Time.

Reader Unit Configuration

• 2 x 16 Liquid Crystal Display
• iButton Contact Probe
• 64 K Backup Memory
• Real Time Clock
• Switch Mode Power Supply
• Info Button
• Mechanic Alert Button
• Supervisor Alert Button
• Function Button
• RJ45 Interface

Quality Control Unit

A ProCon Quality Control Reader is attached to every checker table in the sewing line. This reader can be configured as Loading / Inline checking / End line checking. The Reader displays the operators’ name, checked pieces, passed pieces, rework pieces and rejection pieces. The checker inspects the bundle and records the status of the bundle viz, Rework / Rejection pieces with appropriate defect codes and Passed pieces.

QC Unit Configuration

• 2 x 16 Liquid Crystal Display
• iButton Contact Probe
• Switch Mode Power Supply
• 5 x 4 Matrix Keypad
  • Qc Passed Pieces Button
  • Rejection Pieces Button
  • Rework Pieces Button
  • Alert Button
  • Function Buttons
• RJ45 Interface

iButton Tag

Pre-coded Tag for bundle identification

A coded Tag is physically attached to every individual bundle and sent to sewing line for production. This Tag travels along with the bundle in the sewing line from start to end. As each operator starts his/her bundle he/she will tag onto his/her reader unit,which will denotes the start of the bundle.On completion of the bundle the operator will again tag onto the reader to indicate the end of the bundle.

Pre-coded Tag for employee identification

A coded Tag is provided to every employee for his or her identification purpose. Employee uses this tag to login at the workstation before starting work and logout while leaving the workstation.

There are two types of Coded Tag.
Static tags will have a preset value, which cannot be changed.
Dynamic tags are programmable and that the values can be set or reset by the user.

Networking Accessories :

• 24 AWG CAT5 Cable ( 4-pair )
• Protocol converter
• Network Hub

All Reader Units are connected to the Controller PC through Multi-drop Network and the Controller PC is connected to the Database Server.

Click here to view the network diagram

ProCon Line Display Board :

A ProCon Line Display Board for every sewing line will display the production and bottleneck details of the respective sewing line or section. The Board Displays daily target, sewing output , check passed and efficiency of the sewing line or section. Bottlenecks viz. machine breakdown, operator idle time, rework time, Work-In-Progress, efficiencies and batch setting with the workstation numbers by a different color LED.Bottleneck conditions can be prioritized and customized.

ProCon Workstation Status Indicator :

A ProCon Workstation Status Indicator is attached to every workstation to indicate the current status of the workstation / operator. The Status indicator has 3 LED stacked one above the other each of which can glow or blink. A maximum of 6 status variables can be configured. The Status Indicator can be configured to indicate the machine breakdown, idle time, rework time, Work-In-Progress, efficiencies, batch setting, non productive time and excess time.

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