Effective Tool to Monitor Production Processes Online / Real Time
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ProCon Pre-requisites
Garment Manufacturing Process Overview
ProCon System Flow Diagram
ProCon KeyBenefits

Salient Features of Crystal ProCon :

Secured Logon.
Fault tolerant system.
Maintains history of bundles, operations processed by the operator.
Works in dual mode i.e online and offline.
Reader units are hot swappable.
Supports progressive bundle movement / Piece-by-piece movement.
operator Idle Time Accounting.
Job / Operator Rework Accounting.
Reader Unit has back up memory which can store the punches.
• ProCon Interface Software controls individual ProCon Reader.
• Centralized on-line production status and monitoring Tool.
• Gathers real-time information on the efficiencies of machines, operators and processes.
• Providing data to communicate or interface with other application systems.
• Generates instant and dynamic Reports & graphs at all levels.
• 100% data reliability and sequential data integrity even after network failures, serveror database
• State-of-the-art networking technology provides any instant operating statusand finished product
  count of each machine in your plant.
• Reveals line and machine utilization, throughput cycle time, starved and blockedconditions, faults and
   alarms to take corrective action.
• Generating Alerts for exceptional situations, which can be configured and customized in order to notify
   ‘exceptions’ to key people via e-mail or SMS.
• Proactively detects and reacts to problems before they escalate.
• Improved In-line quality checks and controls.
• Certain features of ProCon can be configured as per customer requirement.

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